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Custom Menu Limit the main menu to the following boards. Your web browser must have JavaScript enabled in order for this site to display correctly. RSS feed available. Close Clear.Return Catalog Bottom. Return Catalog Top. Here we discuss ALL …. This is the general for discussion of the Fir…. On this day in history, the 10th of A…. Was he Finnish? Here we play, le…. Here you can discuss what is going on in 2b2t or just talk a…. Help: Please help me find irl model of Rodion I can't find him anywhere.

PS4 confusion: I'm getting back into consoles. I don't have a 4K TV. Is it still worth get…. Love Live! Comic where toad is a DBZ character and kills everyone in mario.

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Slablands General: Worried edition What is Slablands? Slablands is a text-based erotic RPG where the…. If anyone pos…. Carry Destiny 2: We'll carry you to fabled,legend rank and not forgotten. A Japanese mobile RPG that lets yo…. On the other hand it's …. Falcom Games https…. How could you tell? You retards defending this are just coping! Trying to…. Gordon Freemans Mind: Do any of you ever think what kind of fucked up mind Gordon Freeman has in his….

This is the general for discussion of the Fi…. Anybody miss Brode…. Revue Starlight is a multime…. Did someone remember this game? Welcome to the Anime Fighting…. New Gaming Youtubers to watch? Why do games with bigger audiences tend to sacrifice quality and dumb down gameplay?

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Halo Anniversary Games: How did i design the anniversary remakes so that you can switch between g…. General: C.The and yearbooks are also included.

CVG Magazine Archives 5, 5. CVG Magazine Archives 4, 4. CVG Magazine Archives 3, 3. CVG Magazine Archives 2, 3. CVG Magazine Archives 2, 2. It went through several phases; at first, it was very much a hobbyist magazine, with plenty of type-ins and technical articles.

Like most 80's UK computer magazines, it went a bit mad as the market got saturated and relaunched as an entertainment title, with some bizarre and ill-fitting Jerry Paris cartoon characters "running the magazine".

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After a while it settled down into a generic multi-format entertainment mag focussed mainly on consoles. It continued in print form untiland still continues today as a web site. This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Game Over! Media Type Media Type. Topics: ond, erm, game, commodore, thai, lor, spectrum, atari, karate listing, adventure, screen shots, Topics: game, games, super, sonic, thai, amiga, gome, ond, super nintendo, nintendo, doctor zone, widest Topics: games, software, crll, spectrum, computer, goto, atari, game, video games, bbc, software houses, Topics: ond, software, atari, spectrum, vou, cbm, msx, lor, msx msx, commodore, suspect advertisements, Topics: ond, atari, vou, game, software, ttie, spectrum, ore, computer games, adventure, text menu, super Topics: tha, ond, tba, iha, commodore, thai, lor, spectrum, print ink, software, video games, tha map, plot Topics: print, games, poke, software, goto, program, spectrum, game, video games, ink, arcade action, rnd Topics: ond, game, thai, atari, commodore, software, spectrum, vou, software houses, yoy, red leader, red Topics: ond, commodore, game, lor, cbm, atari, thai, software, ihe game, ihc, urder party, swap software, Topics: game, software, graphics, print, screen, games, spectrum, atari, machine code, adventure, jet set, Topics: ond, game, atari, adventure, games, ore, vou, ttie, top ten, arcade, screen shots, road runner, Topics: games, computer, nesl, program, inesl, video, game, print, video games, lor, machine code, Topics: game, ond, vou, thai, spectrum, tor, atari, yoy, randomize usr, screen, pretty good, marble Topics: return, spectrum, ond, software, atari, games, game, commodore, graphics sound, graphics, spectrum Topics: game, games, amiga, sega, tor, arcade, super, graphics, hit squad, code mstrs, game gear, Topics: amiga, che, game, ttie, iih, yoy, software, atari, operation wolf, arcade, double dragon, bestStory Story Writer Forum Community.

Plus Filters. Cancel Apply Confessions by ragingbaboon38 reviews Leo pushes Aeris too far, and she questions everything about him. She soon finds out what she really feels. Into the Paloridian by Deep Sea Anchor reviews Time travel, romance, maniacal doctors, pirates, fanatical regimes, genocide, abominations of science, and suspense abound as Leo and Aeris are sent tumbling Into The Paloridian. VG Cats - Zombers! More of a test than anything. Will be sporadically updated, if interest is shown.

What if Aeris never met Leo? And things didn't go as smoothly as hoped? Well this is my take. Intro scene based on the feeling of listening to "Misery" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

vg archiver

Two years since he was taken from her. And now those responsible would pay the price. A story given to me from FootPains, that only now am I doing. Miss ya, man. Vengeance Remastered by FreakyGamer reviews Death, something we all must embrace somewhere in life, whether it by nature, choice, or force, it comes. But if blood of a person fell on your hands, would you take back what you stole from them, would you risk it all, to make it right?

We are nearing the conclusion now and, just like many of you, I am both excited and saddened as I approach the ending lines. Hardest keystrokes of my life. However, due to other projects that demand my attention atm, I will be taking a little break; not a long one, I promise. So stay eager, and frequently check up on VGCL!

Last chapter due before XMAS. Hope you guys love it! Note: yayleo is no longer working on HDYK and has given me permission to finish his work. Everything you will read from here comes from yayleo since he gave me the story's details but I'm just doing it for him. Here's part one of Chapter 6.

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By the way, considering how it might advance, possible rating jump. Contains OCs! A Cry From Down Below by LaxRayquaza reviews A one-shot tale where Leo learns to cherish his friendship regardless of how bad it may look like and how far apart the two cats are. Rated T for mild cursing. How will this all play out?Rules Member List Help. Hello There, Guest! Login Register. Login Username: Password: Lost Password? Remember me. The VG Resource. All the latest headlines for the VG Resource sites and community.

This is all the important stuff that you can't bear to miss. Discuss anything related to the VG Resource sites and community as a whole.

Discuss the sites, the staff, updates, make suggestions, point out bugs - that sort of thing. Post a thread here to introduce yourself to the community! Give us a little bio about yourself so we can welcome you properly. Going away for a while? Sad times : Let us know though, so we can give you a hearty goodbye.

The Spriters Resource related boards. Sub Forums:.

vg archiver

The Models Resource related boards. The Textures Resource related boards. The Sounds Resource related boards. For all ripping-related threads that aren't specific to one of the individual sites.

For the indie game developers out there. Developing a new title you want to get some feedback on? Post it here! For anything else that isn't related to pixel art, models or textures. Drawings, music, creative writing - post it here, we'll give you some feedback!

All members can now post here.

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There is no excuse for requesting anywhere else. Isn't that special? You can request almost anything!Xbox 58 Xbox 54 Xbox One 0. Neo-Geo Neo-Geo Pocket Atari Atari 2 Atari Lynx 1. Spam be gone! All music files on this site, including those within zip files, are copyrighted by their respective authors. If you wish to use some of the music files you find on this site in a project, on another website, for some other purpose, you should contact the author of the files you wish to use.

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For most files, this is listed in our archive in the information text file for each file. Please do not link directly to the music files on this site, but instead to the main page. All other information on this website is copyrighted and should not be used on any other page without first obtaining our express permission. More information is available on our Terms of Service page. Please contribute today to help us maintain a banner-ad-free site.

Thanks for the support! Tweets by vgmusic Contact Information Who are we? Find out more on our Staff page. Before emailing us, we would appreciate if you read our Frequently Asked Questions page. Comments, compliments, problems, complaints, or messages about broken links can be sent to the Webmasters. Open staff positions. Mark Carroll TurquoiseStarVG Cats Comics Archive.

Comic Name. Game Theme. Feelin' Gassy. The Sniper. She's Just Sleeping. Payne in the ass. Mother Goose, the director's cut.

Saturday morning Link. Long Live PKs. Card Battle of the Millennium. Sort of a gray area. Blow it Out Your ass. Box only want friend! Fuel Efficient. The Waiting Game. A Night on the Town.

The line just keeps getting longer The Incredible Krug. Evil Re-Visited. Snake in the Grass.

vg archiver

Virtua Smasher 4. Yes, That's Their Names! Star ving.